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Stick insects for sale now
British caterpillars for sale now

Safe and fun

Pick an enjoyable pet insect to suit your lifestyle. From classic thin, to wide and chunky, these social insects are supplied in small groups. Nymphs (youngsters), or adults, your perfect choice awaits.

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British Eyed Hawk caterpillar
Latin species name:
Smerinthus ocellata
British Eyed Hawk caterpillar
Enjoy watching the caterpillar grow over the next few weeks to an impressive 8cm (3 inches) long!

Just feed it with fresh willow leaves, gather these from willow trees (these grow by rivers and also in wet marshy areas and have catkins that stick upwards in the Spring). Different types of willow leaves can be eaten, so you can gather willow leaves from Crack Willow, White Willow and Sallow trees. Or you can buy fresh cut willow leaves from Small-Life Supplies.

Keep the caterpillar in the HUA Pot , and replace the Liner daily. When the caterpillar has outgrown the HUA Pot, transfer it to the TTQ cage (or make your own enclosure with one mesh side). Do not use all netting enclosures because all-round ventilation is not suitable for this type of caterpillar.

When the caterpillar is 8cm long, it transforms into a shiny brown pupa, in which it develops into a large patterned British Hawk moth, ready to emerge in April/May 2018.

This is a British species, so you can release it outside. Or, if you wish to breed these Hawk-moths, you can keep several of them in the AUC cage and collect their green eggs which they glue onto the blue netting.

The British Eyed Hawk Moth caterpillar kit includes: HUA Pot, 20 Liners, caterpillar, instructions.

1 kit...£12
2 kits...£22
3 kits...£30
6 kits...£60
9 kits...£85

Optional extra: bag of freshly cut willow leaves...£1.50

Optional extra: TTQ cage...£36

Express delivery £5.95.
HUA Pot with caterpillar

See your caterpillar develop into this beautiful British Eyed Hawk moth
White willow leaves
Willow leaves
Willow tree
Willow tree
 Limited stock now and so please hurry if you'd like one. The caterpillars will be delivered 27th June 2017 onwards.

adult Indian stick insect
Latin species name:
Carausius morosus
Indian stick insects
The best type to choose if you are new to keeping stick insects. Indian stick insects are easy to handle, easy to breed, and suitable for all ages. They grow to 11cm. Parthenogenetic (all females).

Indian stick insects eat bramble (blackberry) leaves, also privet leaves. They do best in the tall airy ELC cage.

Pack of four Indian stick insect young adults £15.
Pack of six Indian stick insect young adults £20. * special offer*
Pack of four Indian stick insect nymphs £15.

Express delivery £9.95.

Latin species name:
Sipyloidea sipylus
Pink Winged stick insects
When fully grown, these stick insects can fly short distances, for example across a small room! Most of the time, the wings are folded up, but when the stick insect is taken out of the cage, she can spread her wings and take off. Flight is slow and it is easy to pick the stick insect up again once she has landed on a wall.

Pink Winged stick insects are easy to handle, easy to breed, and suitable for all ages. They grow to 15cm. Parthenogenetic (all females).

Pink Winged stick insects eat bramble (blackberry) leaves, also Eucalyptus gunnii leaves. Keep Pink Winged stick insects in the tall airy ELC cage and, ideally, use the Mesh Lid.

Pink Winged stick insects glue their eggs onto rough surfaces. Hatch Mats provide a great surface for the eggs to be glued onto, and help reduce the number of eggs glued around the cage.

Pack of four Pink Winged stick insect nymphs £15.
Hatch Mats (pack of six) £3.

Express delivery £9.95.


Latin species name:
Eurycantha calcarata
New Guinea stick insects
Impressive wide stick insects, males and females occuring in equal numbers. Respond well to handling and benefit from a lot of exercise outside the cage.

Great for young children to stroke. The nymphs are usually green and the adults brown.

New Guinea stick insects live longer (1½ to 2 years) than most other species of stick insect.

New Guinea stick insects eat bramble (blackberry) leaves, rose leaves and hazel leaves.

They do best in the tall airy ELC cage.

Pack of four New Guinea stick insect nymphs (two males and two females) £29.

Also require a Water Dish (83p) and a Sand Pit (£2.99) to bury their eggs. Collect the eggs from the sand using the Metal Sieve (£3.99). Store the eggs in a HUA Pot (£7.30).
Express delivery £9.95.

HUA Pot with Indian eggs Indian stick insect eggs
Hatch out your own Indian stick insect eggs!
Just leave them in the small pot provided and wait for them to hatch (this usually happens night). Then place a wet bramble leaf next to the pot of eggs so the hatchling stick insects can eat and drink.

Replace the disposable HUA Pot Liner every few days.

Replenish the wet bramble leaf every couple of days.

After a month or so the Indian stick insects will be much larger and should be transferred to a larger, more airy, cage. The ELC cage is ideal.

The Indian HUA Pot Hatching Set includes:
one HUA Pot, twenty HUA Pot Liners, one small pot containing eight Indian stick insect eggs (due to hatch soon), colour stick insect information sheet.....£10.50
Express delivery £5.95.

Optional extras: Mister Curvy (to mist bramble leaves with water)...£2.99.
Fine artist's paintbrush (to move hatchlings)...£1.20.
Keeping Stick Insects book (has a whole section on Indian stick insects)...£12.

The book can be autographed at no extra charge and a short message included if you wish.

Hatching Indian eggs
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