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Large White butterfly British Butterflies!

Small-Life Supplies breed British butterflies and moths, order now to receive your Caterpillar Kits within days!

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Dorothy Floyd
Dorothy Floyd,
BA Hons (Cantab)

Small-Life Supplies is the go-to place for insect cages, either for use in the home or lab. We also supply fresh leaves for stick insects to eat. And easy to keep insects - we rear stick insects, butterflies and silkmoths, only the harmless varieties, so they are safe for you to keep.

All our insect cages are precision made in the UK. We have a standard range and also produce bespoke insect cages. Delivery is worldwide.

Small-Life Supplies is still run by its founder, professional British entomologist Dorothy Floyd BA Hons (Cantab). Free insect care advice is given weekly on our Ask Professor Phasmid page. Fascinating facts about phasmids/stick insects are in Dorothy Floyd's best-selling book "Keeping Stick Insects".

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Small-Life Supplies is based in the UK. Items are dispatched by express courier and we can let you know in advance what day and approx time delivery will be. Live arrival is guaranteed.

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01733 203358 (weekdays 9am till 6pm).
07462 588389 (weekdays 9am till 6pm).

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Indian stick insect

Indian stick insects

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Phone 01733 203358 (weekdays 9am - 6pm).

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