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GSC cage with growth lighting unit

Cages for insects ...
Proper housing

Provide the perfect home for your insects. From large airy cages to small hatching boxes, we create and manufacture cages to suit every insect.

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ELC cage with stick insects ELC insect cage

This is the best cage to choose for keeping most pet stick insects. It can also house a large mantid.

The ELC cage is easy to use, because the lid lifts off completely and one of the white side panels slides upwards. So you can reach down into the cage or reach in from the side.

Keep the interior clean by lining the floor of the cage with a disposable ELC Liner, replaced weekly.

Stick insects do really well in the ELC cage because they can easily climb the white sides (these are full of specially made holes which give the insects a good foothold).

This cage is tall and airy, and made from plastic which is easy to wash clean. Designed by Small-Life Supplies and precision made in the UK.

Dispatched assembled.

The ELC cage is a sturdy cage, already being used successfully in many nursery schools. It is cat-proof.

Height 51cm, 20".
Width 36.5cm, 14½".
Depth 27.5cm, 10¾".

ELC cage £48.
ELC cage bundle (includes ELC cage, cleaning sponge, Sprig Pot and ten ELC Liners) £55.75.

Express delivery £9.95.
International delivery available.
ventilated side of ELC cage
Sliding ELC white panel upwards Empty ELC cage ELC cage without side and roof
Lifting off ELC roof

QBOX in packaging


We launched the QBOX last century and it continues to be recognised as the best container for keeping stick insect eggs and small insects.

The QBOX works because it is the optimum size and has no air holes.

You can store stick insect eggs in the QBOX for months, leaving them to develop inside. You can see at once when they hatch out because the QBOX is made from crystal clear plastic.

Small insects such as baby stick insects and caterpillars do really well in the QBOX. They benefit from the enclosed surroundings and have plenty of air to breathe. Fresh air enters the QBOX when you lift off the lid to insert a fresh leaf for the insects to eat.

Height 7cm, 3".
Width 7cm, 3".
Depth 7cm, 3".

QBOX £4.20.
QBOX six-pack £25.

Standard delivery £3.95.

International delivery available.
QBOX with hatchling stick insects

Green Tray with 25 QBOXES Tray of QBOXES

This is a strong green plastic tray which holds up to 25 QBOXES. It is the ideal set up if you have lots of eggs to hatch or lots of small insects to rear.

We use these trays of QBOXES to store our eggs and breed our insects, and so recommend them highly.

Height 9cm, 3½".
Width 45cm, 17¾".
Depth 48cm, 19".

Green tray (empty) £12.
Green tray deal with 12 QBOXES (half full) £48.
Green tray deal with 25 QBOXES (full) £87.

Express delivery £9.95.

International delivery not available.
QBOX with stick insect eggs

Bee study cages
Bee study cages

Our bee study cages are being used worldwide to help in the important work to save bees.

Made from stainless steel, these small cages are easy to sterilise and keep clean.

Access is via the front sliding glass plate (this has polished edges which are not sharp).

The bee study cages are made to order and so you can select the size of holes on the top (16mm or 18mm). You also have the option to specify the location of the ventilation holes - these can be on the raised base or the back of the unit.

Height 6.5cm, 2½".
Width 8.5cm, 3¼".
Depth 4.5cm, 1¾".

Bee study cage £22 exc VAT. (minimum order 50 units).

Express delivery £9.95 exc VAT.

International delivery available.
Bee study cages with ventilation holes in different places

The SSB cage

The GSC cage
GSC study cages

GSC cages are being used worldwide for housing and studying tiny insects such as aphids and whiteflies.

Made from galvanised steel, these cages have full length seals to ensure there are no gaps.

Access is via the front overlapping door which is lockable (spare keys are included).

These cages have very fine stainless steel mesh panels for ventilation, these are located on three sides of the cage and also the roof, facilitating a good circulation of air.

Many of our customers use these cages for growing plants and so we are happy to supply details of the Growth Lighting Units which fit neatly over the top mesh panel.

The GSC cages are made to order and can be supplied ready assembled or flat-packed.

Height 60cm, 23½".
Width 60cm, 23½".
Depth 60cm, 23½".

GSC study cage £300 exc VAT.
Growth Lighting Unit extra (approx £109, please enquire for details).

Express delivery £16 exc VAT.

International delivery available.
Lockable door open on GSC cage

Fine mesh panel on GSC cage
Inside the GSC cage Floor of the GSC cage Roof of the GSC cage
These two photographs show the GSC cages being used with the Growth Lighting Units. GSC cage with growth lighting unit GSC_cages_with_lighting_in_use_in _a_lab

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