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ELC stick insect cage with stick insects
ELC stick insect cage - the best enclosure for stick insects
side access to the ELC stick insect cage
You can reach into the ELC stick insect cage from both the top and the side
Dorothy Floyd - Owner  of Small-Life Supplies
Dorothy Floyd,
BA Hons (Cantab)

Owner of
Small-Life Supplies, qualified
professional entomologist
and best-selling author.

Small-Life Supplies is the go-to site to purchase proper insect cages!

All our insect cages are manufactured in the UK and have been carefully designed to meet both the needs of the occupants and the user.

Delivery is nationwide and the cages are supplied ready built so can be used straight away.
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Stick insect cages
Stick Insect Cages at Small-Life Supplies
ELC stick insect cage
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Healthy Indian stick insect
Healthy Indian stick insect- live arrival guaranteed!

Best-selling book, Keeping Stick Insects
Best-selling book
"Keeping Stick Insects"
Signed copies on request!
Insect olfactometers for scientists
Insect Olfactometer

Clip Cages for aphids
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01733 913480 Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm

07462 588389 Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm

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